Our Path

-Indiegogo Crowd funding campaign- looking for funding in order to secure  as well as cover initial operational costs of primary location. To then be able to self sustain. 

-Road 2 Paradise (R2P)- Mini Collection inspired from our genesis project (Project 1010).

R2P is our first mini collection that commemorates the unity of art, business, and charity through NFT's.

The Road 2 Paradise is a collaboration with an amazing talent named Morgan Tanner. Morgan will receive 55% of primary sales as well as 90% of the commissions of this collection in perpetuity. She has generously pledged to donate a portion of ALL her Profits (primary & secondary) to Charity: water. Their mission is to help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet and is a cause that we also believe in and support.

-Project 1010- Our genesis project (Funds from NFT collection are allocated to further develop the brand and IP in order to continue to provide value to the community)

V1- Unlimited access to all OPN gyms globally

     - Holders will have a vote on where new locations are built

Year - NFTs released

2022 -    205- (Jesus Originally Owned)

            2020- Allow list (huge discount) 

              555- Road 2 Paradise -snap shot for air drop

              555- Public sale

2023 -    555- public anniversary sale

2024 -    555- public anniversary sale 

2025 -    555- public anniversary sale

2026 -    555- public anniversary sale

How will funds be used:

20%- Would be distributed between core team (Developers & Artist) Discord moderators/Marketing team

10%- community Initiative: Funds will go into an escrow account held by a multi sig wallet that would be used to help families in the verge of eviction be able to pay their rent (how: with the help of the property management company of apartment complex we would reach out to tenants that are past due on their rent and advise that there is a outreach program that would help them be current on their rent by taking a crypto/NFT class in which the tenants would be onboarded and taught how crypto works as well as how they can use NFT and blockchain technology in order to build their own business/NFT project to help assist in providing supplemental income to build their own business and no longer be in a situation where they would lose their home. Once class is completed the property management company and OPN will approve multi sig wallet funds to be transferred and applied to their rent.)

10%- Open and fund primary gym in order to provide proof of concept regarding Jiujitsu/MMA gym 

60% Development of infrastructure to assist partnering businesses ( those that are partnered through our OPN gyms) as part of the partnering agreement would include but not be limited to: upgrading their businesses with Web3 and NFT integration as well the continued development of the V1.5, V2, and development of I.P intended for V3


V1.5-  "Rookie card" NFT of students of OPN gyms and its partnering gyms that will updated through their journey in the sport

V2- Monthly membership ( a new way to purchase your monthly membership) with secondary attributes. (will be partnering with different artist for this collection)

V3- I.P - The intellectual property will continue to be developed for years to come and will grow as brand awareness is adopted to a household name.